With a whole-house distributed video system, you can watch shows from your Apple TV, Roku, satellite dish, or closed circuit TV cameras on any TV, simultaneously in every room of your home or office. Now’s there no need to purchase multiple players and other video equipment for every room as the system is centralized. The centralized components can either be hidden away in a closet, or if you prefer, mounted in an impressive rack system in your media room.

While video stimulated the part of the brain called the Visual Cortex, its not until Audio reinforcement is added that the Wernicke's Area, Heschl's Gyrus, and the Limbic System areas of the brain are triggered which influences the listener by the soundtrack. By properly designing an audio system, Audio Cafe can transport the listener into the movie or soundtrack, even if just phsychologically. 

With a multi-source distributed audio system, accessing your favorite soundstacks in Itunes, Pandora, Spotify, Tuned in, etc  in the kitchen, the TV in another room, or even your legacy CD/LP media is as easy as asking Alexa or Google Home.  All these audio sources can be individually controlled by locally mounted easy to use keypads or through smart devices as well.

Easily control the entire system through handheld remotes or wall mounted control panels. The only components needed in each viewing area are speakers and TV screens, and even then the speakers can be invisible for all intensive purposes and the TV can double as artwork.

Put a camera in your children’s rooms and you can watch your kids from any TV in the house. Front door cameras or doorbell cameras have become one of the most popular tech options for residential clients. Dont purchase one (incluiding Ring) until one of our design professionals discusses your needs and possible integration to other systems that only certan models offer.