Home Automation is no longer futuristic. It is now a standard item that greatly increases the value, safety, and efficiency of your home. It is about leveraging technology to simplify and enhance your lifestyle.

Imagine the start of your day beginning with lights automatically coming on, your favorite Pandora station can be heard,  the blinds slowly open and the thermostat adjusts to your pre selected wake up temperature.. All this and you haven’t even gotten out of bed! Simply provide Alexa or Google Home with 1 of several global commands and your automation system will adjust your homes controls to your desired settings.

Whenever you leave your home, with a click on your smart phone, you can easily arm your security system, adjust the climate control and turn off the lights to save energy. We can program your system so that the blinds and awnings automatically open and close as if you where home, this is called vacation mode. You can even link sprinklers to turn on, off , and delay not only based on rain already received, but also with the slope of your property per zone and the prediction of rain to come. 

Home automation is easy to use and you can access, change, and monitor your systems via the web and your cellphone. We can program it so that your system calls you over the phone or sends an email to inform you when your children have arrived home from school, or if the alarm has gone off. There are even video surveillance capabilities over the Internet, so you can get a visual check of your home via your office PC or web-enabled phone. It is also upgradeable, so if you don’t need some features now, you could add them later. Whatever your needs and budget allows, we can design a system that’s right for you.