Keep watch over your business with a surveillance system that can monitor the inside of the building, as well as the entire perimeter. Our IP systems help verify events as they occur or you can access events at a later date. You can remotely monitor your business 24 hours a day through a high-quality remote monitoring system featuring multiple discrete cameras anywhere in the world. Easily veiw recorded and live images from any smart phone both locally and while away.

Our access control solutions enable you to effectively control entry points throughout your building. You can easily change who is authorized to access specific areas. In event of a break in, unauthorized access, or building systems failure, the 24/7 monitoring station will be contact you immediately and identify the problem.

Fire alarm systems are not only required by law, but they also save lives. For this reason, Audio Café is a manufactures rep for Honeywells Farenhyt system. Farenhyt is ONLY available through limited authorized dealers.  You are assured of the very best in product, design, and support.  We meet all NJ local, city, and state codes while working on your small, medium, or even the larger projects. Choosing Audio Café as your Fire, Security, and Monitoring specialist is a SAFE choice.